I can't give out any of my information.
Client Verification/screening is an industry standard in order to uphold my privacy and maintain my safety. I understand it can be intimidating to disclose personal information to someone online that you haven't yet met in person. However, I pride myself on being discrete and keeping everything between us confidential. I want my suitor to be a smiling gentleman who is happy to see me, not a confused and suspicious dude who isn't sure if I'm the girl from the photos. If you are truly unable to offer authentic verification info or references of other providers, I am willing to offer a "Meet & Greet" at a public space. You will be expected to provide my platonic companionship/"dinner date" rate of $150 for our introduction.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept CASH ONLY. Please leave your tribute in large bills, preferably ordered from largest to smallest and faced, enclosed in an envelope. I especially love receiving my donation tucked inside your favorite book, otherwise place it in a visible location or hand it to me directly.

What are your limits?
Establishing boundaries is important- my limits tend to vary depending on the activity, power dynamic, energy, and on an individual basis. Please be respectful of my rules and I will be respectful of yours.

What is your typical availability?
As long as you schedule your appointment at least 24-48 hours in advance, I can be available at any time, day/night, 24/7. While I do my best to accommodate hectic schedules, unfortunately I can not/do not accept requests for same-day, last minute, or "right now" visits. If making arrangements ahead of time is difficult for you, subscribe to my Preferred411 "available now" Ad postings. Please understand that this is for the integrity of everyone.

What do YOU like? What REALLY turns you on?
No two people are exactly alike and I feel the same way about intimate encounters! It’s best for fun to develop organically than me trying to force each interaction into a cookie cutter mold. Cerebral stimulation turns me on more than anything else, so talk to me, tell me about yourself... I value authenticity and open communication; being able to speak eloquently and knowledgeably is super sexy, in addition to respect, intelligence, a sense of humor, kindness, confidence (not cockiness), politeness, manners, and helpfulness. I find pleasure in creating, executing, and building different dynamics. I also looove having my back rubbed and massages!

Do you accept requests for specific outfits/clothing/attire?
Yes, absolutely! I have a naughty habit where I like to dress to impress. Let me know when booking your appointment if you have anything special in mind you would like me to wear during our time together. You can also bring along your own outfit or costume for me to put on for you. I always dress discretely in public settings; able to turn heads without raising eyebrows.

What if I need to cancel?
I understand that last minute issues may arise from time to time. If you need to cancel, PLEASE shoot me a text ASAP: the sooner the better. A 20% fee is expected should you cancel with less than 24-hour notice. Cancellation fees are payable by Amazon gift card and should be sent by the start time of the cancelled booking. A No call/No show without payment of a cancellation fee will result in immediate termination of our client/provider relationship.

Do you like to "party"?
While you are welcome to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine or champagne during our time together, please do not arrive high, drunk or become intoxicated. I am "420 friendly" but I have a strict "no illegal drugs" rule. If you'd like to smoke during a booking, kindly excuse yourself and follow your cigarette with a mint.

May I use you as a reference for another provider? 
Yes, if you have seen me more than once- please ask my permission first and let me know that she will be contacting me to inquire about you.

Do you work with any other ladies?
At this time I do not have a regular doubles partner. 

Are you "dominant" or "submissive"? 
I identify as a switch, which is a term used in the BDSM community to describe individuals that enjoy both sides of the coin. However, I do not provide BDSM services nor am I a BDSM professional.

What can I bring to a session that will impress you?
Gifts & treats are never expected, but I would be being disingenuous if I said a well picked "something" won’t make me squeal with delight and smother you with excited affections! Thoughtfulness goes a long way with me. It doesn't necessarily has to be expensive. Check out my Delivery Code or Amazon WishList... I won't be disappointed!